Thursday, December 17, 2009

The adventures of an audience member at Studio 29

I am famous, even if I was on television for only a few seconds (all right, only two) on "Lopez Tonight" on Nov. 24.

My Journey Getting There - I previously tried two times to get tickets, and an e-mail with no guaranteed tickets would find its way back to me. But the third time is the charm and I got tickets! √Āndale!

My Time There - My sister Ramona, our friend Christine and I arrived to Warner Bros. gate eight at 12:30 p.m. We wanted to check-in early to get seated closer to the stage. When we arrived at the second level audience check-in location in the parking structure, we were handed ticket numbers: 46, 47 and 48 (the tickets given went up to 500, so these were good). After about four hours of waiting, the entire audience was walked to the studio by Warner Bros. employees.

When we finally got in and were seated, a man by the name of Roger came out to energize the audience. He and the director told the audience to cheer for George Lopez, so we obeyed. Quickly after, Lopez appeared and introduced Shakira. He interviewed her for four minutes and then he gave her a golf club, with her name on it. She then performed "Give it Up to Me." Shakira was so close and she performed well. But Shakira left right after her performance, almost in a flash.

The next guest was Sandra Bullock. Lopez and Bullock have a very deep relationship. He credits her for giving him his start. A few moments of reminiscing lead to Bullock's lack of Latina-ness. So Lopez decided to give her a makeover, a chola makeover. A chola is characterized as a hard core female gang member who dresses in flannel shirts, has hair teased with tons of hairspray and tends to wear too much makeup. Lopez brought out YouTube sensation Glowpinkstah, whose real name is Gloria, to transform Bullock into a chola.

During the make-over, Lopez introduced Derek Luke, an actor from the television show "Trauma." Luke danced and seemed like a genuine person. He also played P. Diddy in the film "Notorious."

One of the last segments was a video on ethnic dolls. Lopez interviewed African-American women and Latina women about several dolls that could be considered as too ethnic.

For the finale, Bullock came out looking like a firme chola. She wore a red plaid flannel shirt with only one button buttoned. She wore khaki pants and slippers. Her hair was teased, sprayed with Aqua Net, sharpie eyebrows and lip liner with no lipstick. The entire crowd and Lopez were surprised. Bullock even stood and crouched like Lopez does on his stand up comedy shows,
causing a loud cheer from the crowd.

Behind the scenes information: Mrs. Lopez was sitting really close to me and I felt like asking for her autograph. George Lopez knows how to rap; he sang "You Got What I Need" with the show's band. During one of the breaks, Roger came out and threw shirts to the audience and my sister caught one! It's a little small but it can be made into a pillow.

My Time Afterward - I had a bittersweet time as an audience member for "Lopez Tonight." I can only think of two negative things. Being an audience member is a whole day event. We had to drive to Burbank, check in early to get good seats, wait to get walked to the studio, then wait some more. The second: the studio was cold, cold enough to force me to keep my sweater on during the taping.

But when else would I see George Lopez, Shakira, Sandra Bullock and Derek Luke for free?
¡Gracias G.Lo for a free, good time!


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