Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chicana Confession #1

I love novelas! (Spanish soap operas)

Currently I am watching Sortilegio. This novela, like most others, deals with a love triangle between two brothers Alex (the good blond one) and Bruno (the bad one) and a sweet, innocent woman, Maria Jose. It's a complicated story and you can read more here.

Novelas are basically elongated romance movies with some trouble from jealous enemies. I consider myself a hopeless romantic so that's why I love them!

And they get interesting...there's always a conflict. Whether it's family, a crazy ex, some random person they meet on the street, or a natural disaster, property matters and inheritance. So novelas can also be considered as romantic action movies! Take that Hollywood!

Novelas also teach morals. Some that I've learned are: Don't trust anyone, be careful what you say to people, be nice and you'll live happy, work hard and you can buy big houses, learn to forgive and love is a battlefield, oh wait that was Pat Benatar. haha.

I've been watching novelas as long as I can remember. They are a staple of Chicana-hood. My sister doesn't like them, but I do. She's just too busy to watch them, I am too but I can make time.

My favs have been: Ramona (based off the book by Helen Hunt Jackson), El Juego de la Vida (The Game of Life, a teen romantic comedy), La Madrastra (the Stepmom, a murder mystery), El Manantial (romance mixed with property issues surrounding a water bank). There are some that are missing, but I am having trouble recalling. I will edit later.


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